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We are currently rebuilding our website, so if you came here a little early, don’t sweat it, this site will be up and everything you need it to be shortly – in the meantime, did you know:

  • In the early 80’s we started to grow tree seedlings for reforestation using 8 greenhouses to produce 2 million seedlings annually. As of 2019 we are not growing these trees anymore. 
  • Our first field of strawberries ( 5 acres) was planted in 1968 and harvested in 1969. From there we increased to 10 acres and maintained that until this date. From day one the berries have been sold by ‘pick your own’
  • Our first greenhouse was built in 1972. After that we added one greenhouse per year until 1982, when we added the final 8 houses. We now have 11 greenhouses that are used for growing bedding platns and 8 greenhouses that are used for growing tree seedlings.
  • We grew a wide variety of vegetables in our earlier years, including such things as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, corn, peas, beans, and rutabagas.  In the 70’s we were mainly growing rutabagas, approximately 8 acres per year.
  • In the 70’s our garden center evolved into a relatively complete selection of plant materials that can be grown in this area. 
  • In 2016 we planted a few pumpkins to sell. in 2017 we planted many more an started a month long pumpkin festival called Fall Fun Days.

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